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March 16, 2018 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Award, DDC, DDC Award, Deutscher Designer Club, Excellent Arts, Frankfurt, German Designer Club, Germany, Good Design, Gute Gestaltung, Sindelar

Sindelar is part of Design Next Generation

Design Next Generation – That’s the title of the book presenting all winning entries of DDC’s renowned design competition Gute Gestaltung (Good Design). You may have noticed that we were honoured by winning a DDC Award for Sindelar in the Excellent Arts category. Sindelar is showcased in the book on a double page spread next to other outstanding projects. The book presents excellent designs on more than 430 pages and is published in German and English.

Cover of Design Next Generation, showing all winners of DDC’s design competition. Sindelar succeeded in the category Excellent Arts.
January 23, 2018 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Editorial Design, Frankfurt, Germany, Hamburg, Jan Famira, Newspaper, Newspaper Design, Protestant Church, Sindelar, Sindelar in Use

Evangelisches Frankfurt is now typeset in Sindelar

It is always great to see when one of our typefaces perfectly contributes to a great work of design. With this newspaper that’s really the case: Evangelisches Frankfurt is the newspaper of the Protestant Church in Frankfurt. It was designed by German newspaper designer Jan Famira.

The newspaper gets published five times a year and is sent to all Protestants living in Frankfurt free of charge. It seems the newspaper’s new design has easily convinced the audience as the post by a regular reader suggests: »The new design is really well done, very beautiful, appealing, and lively. Thanks a lot for that!« As a foundry we obviously believe that Sindelar, the newspaper’s new text face, plays a major role in this respect.

Recent covers of the newspaper of the Protestant Church in Frankfurt. Sindelar’s great legibility qualities can been seen throughout the newspaper.
June 27, 2016 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Acorde, Bettina Schulz, Germany, Interview, Munich, Novum, Sindelar, Stefan Willerstorfer, Type Family Acorde, Type Family Sindelar, Will Magazine Verlag, Willerstorfer Font Foundry

Interview in German design magazine Novum

Recently I was interviewed at length by German design magazine Novum. The interview is published in the current issue (07.16) and is available in German and in English. It covers varied issues such as design trends, bespoke typefaces, renowned design prizes, and the work currently being done at Willerstorfer Font Foundry. Recommended reading!

The interview is published bilingually in German and English.
April 19, 2016 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Award, Excellent Communications Design, Frankfurt, German Design Award, German Design Council, Germany, Rat für Formgebung, Sindelar, Stefan Willerstorfer, Winner, Yearbook

German Design Award Yearbook features Sindelar

We are proud to emphasise it once more: We were honoured by winning the German Design Award 2016. Therefore Sindelar is featured in the German Design Award 2016 Yearbook Excellent Communications Design. Great to see it published among the other excellent winning entries.

Various impressions of the German Design Award 2016 Yearbook.
March 7, 2016 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Antje Dohmann, Ebner Verlag, Design magazine, Germany, Hamburg, Magazine, Page, Sindelar, Stefan Willerstorfer, Ulm

Sindelar is featured in German design magazine Page

In case you are already bored of using Times or Times New Roman over and over again: Check out the current issue (04/16) of German design magazine Page and inform yourself about superior alternatives to Times. Sindelar is featured as one of them. Great read!

Sindelar is featured in the current issue of German design magazine Page.
March 1, 2016 Stefan Willerstorfer iF International Forum Design GmbH Award, BMW Welt, Communication Design, Germany, Gold Award, Hannover, iF Design Award, iF Gold Award, Munich, Sindelar, Stefan Willerstorfer

Sindelar wins the iF Design Award in Gold

The iF Design Award Night 2016 in Munich was a memorable and great experience. The impressive BMW Welt was the appropriate and dignified location for the handing over of the iF Design Awards on the 26th of February 2016 in the presence of some 2,000 guests.

Unbelievable, but true: Sindelar strikes again and again. We were honoured by winning the prestigious iF Design Award in Gold for Sindelar, the highly legible text face for news and media design.

The BMW Welt in Munich was the impressive venue of the iF Design Award Night 2016. Stefan Willerstorfer receives the iF Design Award in Gold from managing director Ralph Wiegmann.

Here is the jury’s Gold Statement for Sindelar: »Traditional type design usually has a difficult time in the context of an exciting and colorful design competition. The Sindelar type family, however, has succeeded because, in its smaller point sizes, it offers excellent legibility while only needing minimal space. The Sindelar family includes 18 fonts and 980 lovingly designed glyphs. Besides meeting every criterion for body text, in larger point sizes, the Sindelar family looks well balanced and elegant ... sexy even.«

Stefan Willerstorfer proudly presents the coveted iF Design Award in Gold. Stefan Willerstorfer celebrates his award with supporting friends.

As you can imagine the mood in our studio is really euphoric and cheerful. Winning one of the world’s most respected design prizes in Gold does not happen every day.

Impressions from the legendary iF Party Night at the Double Cone.