Custom Type

We have the expertise of developing large type families such as the text face Sindelar.
A good example of our work: The individual lettering of the AVMS logo is optically balanced.
Individually designed letters: The Pani logo was part of the selection of Europe’s best logos.
The design of the letters of the slab serif logo is based on the type family Acorde.

Our expertise in type design and our experience in developing large design projects, gives us the knowledge necessary to advise our clients on making the right decisions regarding any aspect of typography. Choosing the right typeface for a company or a project is a key decision which has major impacts. For large companies, picking an existing retail typeface is just one of two possible options. The other one is to commission a typeface that is exclusively developed for the company’s own use.

The value of a true corporate font

An exclusive typeface has two major advantages: First, it is guaranteed that the typeface meets the company’s requirements exactly. Second, since the typeface is only used by the company, the typeface can help to set the company’s voice apart from those of its competitors on the market. A true corporate font can be an element which is as strong, distinguishing, and important as the company’s logotype or its corporate colours. A typeface with unique characteristics which often lie in the details is able to unconsciously inform the readers who the sender of the message is.

Addressing individual requirements

A company’s exact requirements can be determined by questions such as: What media will the type family be used in? What size (range of sizes) will it be used in? What languages will be set with it? From what distances is it likely to be read? What mood and feel is appropriate? And so on. Also, specific technological and cultural issues have to be taken into account and the desired qualities defined. All these factors are crucial in finding a concept that will be the basis of the type family’s design.

If you are interested in getting detailed information on how the development of a bespoke type family will be carried out or need general consultation regarding this issue please don’t hesitate to get in We are happy to answer your questions.

Custom logotypes

Similar to an exclusive typeface, the development of an individual lettering/design solution for a certain combination of letters, most likely a logotype, also offers a lot of advantages. Rather than having to rely on existing typefaces, designing the desired letters from scratch offers the possibility of designing them in a way that is an exact fit for the logotype. While in a whole typeface each letter has to work well with all the others, letters in a logotype have to work only in that exact combination and order.

This allows for individual design solutions that would not be possible to achieve with a given typeface. In addition, the individuality and identity of a brand or a company’s logo is strengthened since it distinguishes itself from its competitors to a greater extent.

Refinement to the detail

Especially in design solutions that are supposed to last for a long time – such as logotypes – details matter. We have vast experience in helping agencies and design studios perfectly refine logotypes in detail. These details include the refinement of the letters’ curves to make them smooth, to harmoniously space the letters, to make optical corrections which make the letters appear more even, and so on. Paying attention to these details in the final development of a logotype can drastically improve its overall quality and therefore enhance its impact.