Our Work

Sindelar is a capable, contemporary text face addressing today’s news design requirements.
Acorde is a reliable workhorse for large, demanding design projects.
Our work has been awarded the renowned
iF Design Award in Gold.
Our work has been awarded the prestigious
Red Dot Award: Best of the Best.
Our work has been awarded the coveted
German Design Award.

We at Willerstorfer Font Foundry believe that good typography can make a difference. Our work is focused on typographic solutions that have a long lasting quality and fulfil specific needs and requirements. Our typographic work and our type families are developed in a process that pays attention even to tiny details. After all, it is these details that define the quality and make a difference in the end.

Award winning type families

Our first two font releases, the award winning type families Acorde and Sindelar, were critically acclaimed for their design and quality. Both font families possess characteristics we aim for with every type design project we engage with: aesthetics, consistency, and legibility.

Sindelar, the highly legible news and media text face, has been awarded various design prizes including the prestigious Red Dot Award: Best of the Best, the renowned iF Design Award in Gold, and the coveted German Design Award. Acorde, ‘a’ ‘cor’porate ‘de’sign typeface, has been awarded the Communication Arts Award of Excellence as well as the Grand Prize of Applied Typography by Japan Typography Association, Tokyo among other remarkable prizes.

Achieving quality and endurance

At a time when there is a flood of new font releases every year and it’s pretty hard for customers to keep track of various possible choices, we release typefaces that stick out of that flood in terms of quality and endurance. Our fonts are developed to meet the highest standards and guarantee capability for a long time. Achieving that quality is possible by taking the necessary amount of time for a project to mature and to release a type family at the point when the process is finished.

Our fonts have proven to be applicable for various purposes by companies, publishing houses, newspapers, design agencies, designers, and users around the globe. Please refer to the Acorde in Use and the Sindelar in Use sections of our blog to see examples of how our typefaces are applied for numerous purposes.

Typographic details matter

Our typographic consultation includes various typographic aspects. Next to helping companies in finding typefaces which suit the purpose best, we also give advice on how to apply these typefaces in appropriate ways. That includes any aspect, from macro-typographic decisions to micro-typographic details, such as type size, line length, tracking, leading, etc. as well as using the correct punctuation marks and other typographic signs. Typography should not lack quality in these details which would therefore damage the information being transported.