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September 3, 2019 Stefan Willerstorfer Wienerberger Austria, Bespoke Design, Corporate Design, Custom Design, Custom Type, Lettering, Logo, Logo Design, Logotype, Logotype Design, Vienna

Wienerberger’s new logotype: Our bespoke design solution

Wienerberger’s new logotype has been in use for some time now and we are still very proud of it. The logotype exemplarily proves all the advantages of an individual design solution. Since it is not based on an existing typeface but drawn from scratch all design decisions could be made much more accurately. All letters are optimised for their exact position and sequence within the logotype.

Wienerberger’s new logotype is a bespoke design solution.

Wienerberger is one of Austria’s largest companies and the world’s largest brick producer. It is a leading supplier of clay roof tiles, concrete pavers, and pipe systems in Europe. The Wienerberger Group operates in 30 countries 195 production sites.

The high demands of this international player are perfectly met by the new logotype which is as individual as the company itself. The development of the logotype was done in close collaboration with the Viennese branding agency Brainds. I really enjoyed the professional collaboration and was very happy to contribute my type design expertise to this interesting project.

This year Wienerberger celebrates its 200th anniversary. The first half of 2019 was the best half year in Wienerberger’s history. As the logotype’s designer I am willing to believe that the new logotype also contributed its share to this success.

Various applications of Wienerberger’s new logotype.
May 15, 2018 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Acorde, Andreas Pawlik, Austria, Book, Catalogue, Exhibition, Martin Tiefenthaler, Niggli, Salenstein, Sindelar, Subtext: Typedesign, Switzerland, tga, Type Design, Typographic Society Austria, Typographische Gesellschaft Austria, Vienna

Exhibition book Subtext: Typedesign is now available

You want to know more about the thriving Austrian type design scene? In case you missed the popular type design exhibition, Subtext: Typedesign, which took place in Vienna in April and May 2017: The book accompanying the exhibition is now available for purchase at the renowned Swiss publishing house Niggli. It introduces and documents the designs of more than 50 designers and foundries working locally and worldwide and presents more than 450 pages of recent Austrian type designs.

Cover of the exhibition book Subtext: Typedesign. Double page spread showing a focused Stefan Willerstorfer at work.

As one of Austria’s leading foundries our work is showcased in the book in great detail. The typefaces in the book are not only shown as specimens but also in real use. In addition, the book contains a comprehensive text section in which well-known authors from various cultures and academic disciplines explore their relationships to type design. Definitely worth a read!

Double page spread presenting all 14 styles of Acorde. Double page spread showcasing Acorde in use. Double page spread presenting all 18 styles of Sindelar. Double page spread showcasing Sindelar in use.
April 12, 2017 Stefan Willerstorfer Typographische Gesellschaft Austria, Helmut Buchberger Acorde, Andreas Pawlik, Anita Kern, Austria, Designforum, Exhibition, Martin Tiefenthaler, Museumsquartier, Opening, Sindelar, Subtext: Typedesign, tga, Type Design, Typographic Society Austria, Typographische Gesellschaft Austria, Vienna

Austrian design exhibition Subtext: Typedesign in Vienna

Yesterday the opening of the design exhibition Subtext: Typedesign took place at the Designforum in Vienna’s Museumsquartier. The opening was a great success and attracted more than 500 people. The exhibition subtitled zeitgenössisch–lokal: contemporary–austrian showcases Austrian type designs from the last fifteen years and impressively documents the liveliness of the Austrian type design scene.

The exhibition is organised by the Typographic Society Austria (tga – Typographische Gesellschaft Austria) and was curated by Andreas Pawlik and Martin Tiefenthaler.

Anita Kern speaking at the opening in front of a poster showcasing Acorde and Sindelar.

At the opening Anita Kern, an Austrian graphic designer, writer, and profound expert on Austrian design history, spoke about the history and the current state of Austrian type design.

Even the Designforum’s entrance was crowded with visitors at the opening. This informative chart explains the workflow during the development of a type family.

Here at Willerstorfer Font Foundry we are proud that our award winning type families Acorde and Sindelar are part of this beautiful exhibition.

If you happen to be in Vienna use the opportunity to get more insights on Austrian type design and visit the exhibition at the Designforum. The exhibition will be on show until the 26th of May 2017. More detailed information is available here.

A selection of magazines, newspapers, books, and other products that use Austrian type families. Visitors at the opening looking at and discussing about Austrian type design.