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October 7, 2016 Stefan Willerstorfer Philippine Daily Inquirer Adonis Durado, García Media, Makati, Manila, Mario García, Newspaper, Newspaper Design, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippines, Sindelar, Sindelar in Use, Tampa, United States

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s new text face: Sindelar

Great news from Asia: The Philippine Daily Inquirer started using Sindelar as their new text face yesterday. The introduction of Sindelar was part of a comprehensive redesign of the newspaper done by the world-renowned media consulting firm García Media.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is the most widely read broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines with a daily circulation of 260,000 copies. Here at the studio we can’t wait to receive one of these copies and get a closer look at the great role Sindelar plays in the new design.

Front page of the first issue of the redesigned Philippine Daily Inquirer.
July 14, 2016 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Austria, Christian Sulzenbacher, Magazine, News, Sindelar, Sindelar in Use, Verlagsgruppe News, Vienna

Magazine News switched to Sindelar as their text face

Now that’s great news: Austrian magazine News switched to Sindelar as their primary text face. Good choice!

News is one of Austria’s biggest weekly magazines and the major news magazine in the country. It has a circulation of about 160,000 copies and covers various topics such as politics, business, culture, and sports.

Convince yourself of Sindelar’s qualities by having a look at News’ double page spreads.
July 10, 2016 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Germany, Karlsruhe, Magma Brand Design, Niggli, Sindelar, Slanted, Sulgen, Switzerland, Yearbook, Yearbook of Type, Yearbook of Type 2

Yearbook of Type 2 presents Sindelar

Two years after the Yearbook of Type 1, which showcased our type family Acorde, its successor is now on the market: the Yearbook of Type 2. It’s great to contribute to this beautiful compendium again with one of our type families.

Cover of the Yearbook of Type 2, published by Niggli.

The Yearbook of Type 2 presents new type families from around the globe on more than 400 pages. The book also contains a section with various essays and provides manuals and background information on technical aspects. The book was published by the renowned Swiss publishing house Niggli.

Double page spread showcasing Sindelar in great detail.
July 8, 2016 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Applied Typography, Applied Typography 26, Award, Best Work, Japan, Japan Typography Association, Japan Typography Yearbook, Sindelar, Stefan Willerstorfer, Tokyo, Yearbook

Sindelar is the Best Work of Applied Typography 26

We have already announced it in December and now you can have a look for yourself: Sindelar is the Best Work in the typeface category of Applied Typography 26 and therefore featured in the Japan Typography Yearbook 2016. Enjoy!

Various impressions of the Japan Typography Yearbook 2016.
June 28, 2016 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Flyer, Free of charge, Poster, Sindelar, Specimen, Type Family Sindelar, Type specimen

Order your printed Sindelar specimen free of charge

Are you looking for a poster for your studio wall or your living room? Then the Sindelar specimen might be of interest to you. It serves as a flyer informing you about Sindelar’s outstanding qualities and as a poster showing Sindelar’s characters in large size. Get in touch and order your printed Sindelar specimen free of charge.

The specimen serves as a flyer and as a poster.
June 27, 2016 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Acorde, Bettina Schulz, Germany, Interview, Munich, Novum, Sindelar, Stefan Willerstorfer, Type Family Acorde, Type Family Sindelar, Will Magazine Verlag, Willerstorfer Font Foundry

Interview in German design magazine Novum

Recently I was interviewed at length by German design magazine Novum. The interview is published in the current issue (07.16) and is available in German and in English. It covers varied issues such as design trends, bespoke typefaces, renowned design prizes, and the work currently being done at Willerstorfer Font Foundry. Recommended reading!

The interview is published bilingually in German and English.