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April 1, 2011 Stefan Willerstorfer Tokyo TDC Acorde, Award, Exhibition, Japan, Korea, Osaka, Seoul, Stefan Willerstorfer, Tokyo, Tokyo TDC, Tokyo Type Directors Club

Acorde succeeds at the Tokyo TDC Annual Awards

The Tokyo Type Directors Club (TDC) was founded in 1987 and organises the annual Tokyo TDC Awards design competition. This year’s winners are going to be published in the annual design book Tokyo TDC, Vol. 22. Among the winners is the type family Acorde which received the status Prize Nominee Work.

The winning entries can be seen in the travelling Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2011 which is being shown in Japan at Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo from April 1 to April 25, at ddd Gallery in Osaka from May 10 to July 2 and in Korea at Samwon Paper Gallery in Seoul from September 3 to November 5.

The Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo hosts the TDC Exhibition 2011 from April 1 to April 25. Some impressions from the TDC Exhibition 2011 in Tokyo. From May 10 to July 2 the TDC Exhibition 2011 is shown at the ddd Gallery in Osaka.
February 14, 2011 Stefan Willerstorfer FontShop Acorde, FontShop, Valentype, Valentine’s day, Yves Peters

Valentype 2011 – a love declaration to Acorde

On the occasion of Valentine’s day, FontShop’s Yves Peters asked the readers of his popular blog, The FontFeed, to declare their love to a type family of their choice. The readers designed images of declaration by using typographic, illustrative or photographic means. A jury consisting of Jürgen Siebert, Ivo Gabrowitsch, Stephen Coles, and Yves Peters selected five winners among the entries. The reward for every winner was a font package of four styles of the typeface they had declared their love to.

Just have a look at the gallery to see the winners, the various entries and the love declaration to Acorde.

January 10, 2011 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Acorde, Award, California, Communication Arts Award of Excellence, Communication Arts Typography Annual, Stefan Willerstorfer, United States

Acorde wins Communication Arts Award of Excellence

Communication Arts has been publishing annuals showing the best in visual communications from around the world since 1959. But still 2011 marks a change. It is the first time – and certainly the beginning of a long tradition – of publishing a distinct annual specifically focused on typography.

The Communication Arts Typography Annual 1 presents the best work in various typographic categories such as books, periodicals, identity, packaging, and typeface design. It is a brilliant achievement that Acorde was among the first typefaces receiving the Communication Arts Award of Excellence in this category.

The first Communication Arts Typography Annual.
December 23, 2010 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Acorde, Austria, Corporate publishing, Egger & Lerch, Magazine, Periodicum, Review, Stefan Willerstorfer

Austrian publishing magazine Periodicum presents Acorde

Vielgesichtiges Schriftbild (multifaceted type) is the title of Christian Gutschi’s article on the type family Acorde in the current issue of Periodicum (No. 2/2010), the bi-annual magazine by the corporate publishing company Egger & Lerch.

Gutschi emphasises Acorde’s workhorse qualities and its applicability for various applications, conditions and sizes as the article’s title already suggests. The article also gives information on the development process of the typeface and comments on various characteristics of Acorde.

Cover of the publishing magazine Periodicum issue No. 2/2010. Pages showing the article inside the magazine.
December 22, 2010 Stefan Willerstorfer Stefan Willerstorfer Acorde, Acorde in Use, Austria, Book, Edition a, Publishing house, Vienna

Publishing house edition a relies on Acorde

The Viennese publishing house, edition a, uses the type family Acorde as one of the main visual elements on two of their books’ covers and as the headline typeface inside these two books.

One of the books is called Donnerwetter, a non-fiction book on weather by Austrian TV weather presenter Marcus Wadsak, the other one Vorsicht Vertrauen, a non-fiction book on economics by Manfred Berger and Arne Johannsen.

The covers of the two non-fiction books are entirely set in Acorde.
November 10, 2010 Stefan Willerstorfer Design Austria, Stefan Willerstorfer Acorde, Austria, Award, Design Austria, Joseph Binder Award, Stefan Willerstorfer, Vienna

Acorde wins the Joseph Binder Award in Bronze

The Joseph Binder Award is a biennial international design competition organised by Design Austria, Austria’s only professional association and service organisation representing the interests of designers from all creative disciplines. The jury of this year’s competition was chaired by Dutch design icon Gert Dumbar, and consisted of renowned international experts such as Lo Breier and Olaf Hajek.

Although Design Austria has been awarding the Joseph Binder Award since 1996, this year’s competition was the first one to have the category type design as a design discipline on its own. Introducing awards for this discipline reflects the growing significance and recognition of type design in Austria. It is a great honour that Acorde was one of the first typefaces to receive the highly respected Joseph Binder Award in this new category.

Double page spread of the Joseph Binder Award catalogue showing Acorde.