Acorde ® Font Family – Designed by Stefan Willerstorfer, 2005–2010

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All 14 styles of Acorde are available and optimised for desktop and web use.
»Aa« of Acorde Regular as represented by TrueType curves in the webfont.
»Aa« of Acorde Regular as represented by PostScript curves in the webfont.
Our desktop fonts, delivered as OpenType fonts (OTF) are suited for PC and Mac use.

Font Formats

Depending on your needs and the fonts you have chosen, you will receive Acorde’s styles in certain font formats. The formats for desktop use and web use differ drastically since they serve different purposes. Please note that there are two different license agreements for desktop use and web use. Take advantage of the licensing discount when ordering the same style (or package) as desktop font and webfont at once: The lower priced item will be 50% off.

Since webfont formats are likely to need more explanation, this overview starts with webfont formats and continues with desktop fonts. App fonts and fonts for e-publishing (EPUB etc.) are not available through the online shop. Please contact us at if you are interested in licensing our fonts for such purposes.

Webfonts for all browsers

As with all of our products, quality goes first. Therefore we decided to offer two different webfont formats to best suit the exact needs. One font format addresses text setting at small sizes, the other one is ideal for using fonts in larger sizes. In order to provide efficient webfonts that load fast, their character set is reduced.

Webfonts are licensed for a fixed number of websites, and a fixed number of unique monthly visitors in total. All websites need to be specified during the ordering process and must belong to the same company or household. Please check the Web License Agreement for details. Acorde webfonts are exclusively available at

TrueType based webfonts: Precision for small sizes

Our TrueType based webfonts are carefully hinted in order to achieve the best results when the fonts are used in small sizes. Hinting is a labor intensive process that defines how the letters’ outlines are rendered on the pixel grid of the reader’s screen. We recommend these fonts for longer text setting in order to provide high legibility.

Our fonts for small sizes are delivered as TrueType based WOFFs (Web Open Font Format) and TrueType based EOTs (Embedded OpenType). With these two formats your website will be represented in the desired fonts on your readers’ screens in virtually all technical setups.

The following fonts are available as TrueType based webfonts: Acorde Regular, Acorde Italic, Acorde Bold, and Acorde Bold Italic. These four styles are most likely to be used for extensive text setting. Please contact us if you have certain needs for further TrueType based webfonts. The careful hinting of the core character set was done by German hinting expert Tim Ahrens.

PostScript based webfonts: Fitness for large sizes

All styles of Acorde are available as PostScript based WOFFs. This font format has two main advantages: The fonts are perfectly rendered in large sizes and the file size is considerably smaller (compared to TrueType based webfonts) since the data intensive hinting is omitted. That means your website will load faster.

When ordering either Regular, Italic, Bold, or Bold Italic you will receive both versions of the respective fonts: TrueType based webfonts and PostScript based webfonts. Choose which format suits your needs best. If your website’s loading time is an important issue you may consider using PostScript based webfonts throughout your website. Thanks to modern rendering engines, these fonts will work well even at small sizes.

Our PostScript based webfonts are delivered as WOFFs only. There is no EOT version available since EOTs can only contain TrueType based data. All modern browsers (including Internet Explorer from version 9) fully support the WOFF format. These modern browsers are used by almost 98% of all users globally (tendency increasing). The only browser still relying on the EOT format is the outdated Internet Explorer 8. But there is no need to worry since it is only used by 0.5% of all users globally and therefore negligible.

Desktop fonts for PC and Mac

Acorde desktop fonts are delivered as OpenType fonts (OTF) with a huge character set of 925 glyphs and a vast range of OpenType features. Desktop fonts are licensed for use by a fixed numbers of computers. All computers must belong to the same company or household.

Desktop fonts are intended to be used on your desktop (PC and Mac). Install the fonts on your computer and use them in applications such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, Excel and so on. You can also use these fonts for the creation of PDFs with embedded font data, provided that the extraction of the fonts is prohibited. Please check the Desktop End User License Agreement (EULA) for details.

App fonts, e-publishing and server license

If you are interested in using our fonts in an even wider range than on your desktop and on your website, please contact us at

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