Acorde ® Font Family – Designed by Stefan Willerstorfer, 2005–2010

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Acorde webfonts are going to be released in the future.
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Character Set of Acorde Desktop, 925 glyphs per font

Small caps
Old-style figures and tabular old-style figures
Lining figures and tabular lining figures
Small cap figures
Accented lowercase
Accented uppercase
Accented small caps
Standard punctuation
Uppercase punctuation
Small cap punctuation
Mathematical operators for old-style figures, currencies, signs, etc.
Mathematical operators for lining figures
Mathematical operators for small cap figures, currencies, signs, etc.
Prebuilt fractions
Numerators and denominators
Superiors and inferiors
Superscript and subscript
Circled figures
Geometric shapes
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Acorde® is a registered trademark of Stefan Willerstorfer.